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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Under The Dome’ 1x10 promo
Looks dumb.

‘The Newsroom’ promo
Is the wandering around the desert supposed to be profound or symptoms of a meth haze?

Vanilla Cherries Choc - okay.
Mint & Chilli Choc = delicious.

I am reading ‘Sleep Tight’.

Learnt who was cast as Ultron in 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' - the more I learn about this sequel, the less I care :(

‘Castle’ Quotes:
“How’s a DVD going to kill you? Is it going to come at you like a ninja star?”

“Did she have heart problems?”
“Well she certainly did when it stopped beating.”

“Do you have a theory?”
“Not at the present time.”

“Dude, uncool.”

“There is no or.”

“It was sent from other realm: New Jersey.”

“It’s when we get to the creepy old motel that everything really starts going south.”

“On a scale of one to Hannibal Lecter. What are we dealing with here?”

“We could all meet on the street one day.”
“On that day I might cross the street.”
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