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A Touch of Cloth II: Undercover Cloth part one (2013) Reviewed

The cop spoof returns! After a fatal bank robbery, Jack Cloth returns from retirement again, to go undercover. Meanwhile Anne Oldman is distracted by mayoral candidate Hope Goodgirl (Anna Chancellor of ‘Suburban Shootout’). Tom Boss the villain of the original is back in his old job. There is a nasty gangster to foil and this was witheringly wry. This was funny and rather good.

Best Lines:
“A thing of the past like ‘Max Headroom’ or the Renaissance.”

“I don’t care if they knew all four members of the Vengaboys.”

“I read about it on the radio.”

“Owls die.”
“They shot Todd too.”

“I’ve got two words for you: no.”

“Boss went on a course. He hasn’t killed anyone in months.”

“Todd is lying in the ground like a parsnip.”

“As unpredictable as a werewolf on malaria pills.”

“I don’t have time for a subplot right now.”

“The only way to earn their respect is to walk in there and show them absolutely no respect.”

“It’s against all established rules of narrative.”

“Eat your lolly.”

“I am help you.”
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