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Trailer, Quotes and a 2001 tape

‘Hammer of the Gods’ trailer

‘Mother Love’ (book) Quotes:
“The contagion of the man Vesey, his tart of a new wife, his bastards of new children.”

“To turn against treachery as though it were a venomous serpent.”

‘Hell Train’ Quotes:
“Ridiculous peasant language.”

“Fainting ladies in low-cut corsetry.”

“Cretinous yokels.”

“Somebody farted insolently.”

I am taking a break from ‘Hollyoaks’, it has gone crap again.

Sea Salt Choc = yum.

Reviews of ‘Hell Train’, ’The Chumscrubber’ and ’The Guilty’ forthcoming.

Cleared out a 2001 tape. First up was an ‘X Files’ ep ‘Three Words’ in which Mulder’s back and facing down smarmy bureaucrats and various angry men. People mutter at each other about Fighting The Future and there is made up computer technology. I didn’t care.

Then came a season 5 ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ ep ‘The Weight of the World’ in which Buffy’s catatonic, Xander bores and Spike wants his bellend serviced. Dawn’s been captured by the overacting Glory, there is bad tracking, Mr Summers shows up in Buffy’s hallucination and Dawn is a general loser with all the presence of a wet napkin. There is bad acting and Ben is as nuts as Glory. Joel Grey is wasted as a baddie. This was terrible.

Best Lines:
“When did all this happen?”

“Is everyone here very stoned?”

“Gods don’t pay.”

“Self-involved ranting.”

“Sanctimonious little meat worm.”


Then came a season 2 ‘Angel’ ep ‘Through The Looking Glass’ in which the gang are on Lorne’s world. Why do demons have clothes that fit humans? This had non-comedy, Groo, Fred and Cordelia was shallow. This was terrible except for the scene where the magic books spelled out Wolf, Ram and Hart. That was good but nothing ever came of it.

Best Lines:
“You want me to talk to my family? On purpose?”

“We ate the wrong son.”

“Do the dance of joy.”

Finally there was the final ever ‘Kindred: The Embraced’ ep ‘Cabin In The Woods’ in which Caitlin (Kelly Rutherford of ‘Scream 3’, ‘Gossip Girl’ and an infamous custody battle) and Julian Luna head off to a cabin in the woods. Archon Raine wears a cardi and broods. Boring Bruja Cameron (Titus Welliver the show killer) shows up.  There is soft focus melodrama, Kohanek annoys, Caitlin makes ultimatums, there is a fight and atrocious acting. Julian is injured and tells Caitlin what he is. Somehow his overgelled hair isn’t mussed. Caitlin screams and cowers. This was dull and overwrought even with the mindrape and death. How did Kohanek make his way to Archon’s funeral?

Best Lines:
“I told you: never come home till they were dead and you were in their place.”

“Eddie died, the Bruja will do battle to see who sits in his chair.”

“Vengeance came and took the wrong man.”

“You’ll be seeing a lot more of me, if you live that long.”

“Only one of us hated you.”

“Kindred law is harsh.”

“It was your dream.”
“Was it?”
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