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Book Reviews: From History's Shadow + Unnatural Issue

Star Trek The Original Series: From History’s Shadow by Dayton Ward
I was looking forward to this tale of ‘history’ which spans 1947 to 2268 and features MJ-12. But it turned out to be boring crap and an unholy mishmash of ‘Dark Skies’ and ‘The X Files’. This is nothing but padding, exposition dumps, gratuitous continuity references, paranoid delusions, annoying characters and Temporal Cold War crap.

Best Lines:
“Waging battle against people who would be dead long before our two planets ever became aware of each other.”

“You’re responding to a treat that doesn’t exist.”

“There’s no such thing as little green men.”

“Those things aren’t real.”

“The massive unidentifiable object does not appear to be a meteorite, weather balloon, or satellite, and one aviation expert we’ve spoken to has stated that it’s definitely not any kind of U.S. aircraft currently in use.”

Unnatural Issue by Mercedes Lackey
This entry in the ‘Elemental Masters’ series starts out promisingly as a horror tale but takes a left turn onto a completely different plot track and becomes a rant about WW1 and class divisions. This was disappointing, the tale of Susanne Whitesone who is the rejected daughter of an Earth Master gone to the bad should have been better. It has a cool cover but not much else.

Best Lines:
“Heirs impatient to gain their inheritance and not particular about how.”

“They’re itching for a dust-up, and the Germans and Austrians are itching for an excuse to stop prancing about in fancy uniforms and shoot something: preferably something French.”

“As if someone was watching her and not in a good way.”

“Say he was an Impressionist and put sky colored daubs at the top of the canvas and moor-colored daubs at the bottom.”

“There’s a lot of moor.”

“This, of course, was exactly what the suddenly repentant father in a sentimental novel would do.”

“The chimney at that cottage hasn’t been swept - except by the crude expedient of discharging a shotgun up it once a year - since Rod’s father died.”

“It’s obvious the death of his wife unhinged him.”
“More than unhinged him,”
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