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Murder Most Horrid (1991 - 1999) Series 2 Episodes 2&3 Reviewed

Lady Luck
An idiot guy named Sean robs a bank of £200,000; he is the lowest of the low. He needs a getaway car and carjacks Denise. He makes her drive wildly around as he’s chaotic and has severe anger issues. Denise makes smirky comments. Sean the clown bank robber engages in detrimental behaviour and something unhealthy happens between him and Denise. But there is a twist. This was a pathetic mess of an ep that bled the tension from the chronically repetitive situation. If not for eps 4 - 6, I’d have given up on Series 2. Sean’s characterization meandered wildly and he was too dumb to see that Denise plainly had no interest in him save as a martial weapon.

Best Lines:
“Give us a Luke Perry.”

“Do you know what I really fancy? Apart from being licked all over by Take That of course.”

“I’ll have him!”

A Severe Case Of Death
In Jane Austen times, Maud a housekeeper wants to be a doctor. So she steal’s the identity of her dead boss’ presumed dead doctor son and pretends to be a male physician. She invents the terms Vitamin C, lemsip, paracetamol and influenza as the deeply dishonest situation goes on. Blissfully deluded women hurl themselves at her and this ep while okay is not an in-depth examination of the fetid underbelly of sexism. Maud falls for the local Squire and then the man whose identity she stole turns up. Cue plotting and murder. This was okay with a cute appearance by Florence Nightingale.

Best Lines:
“He’s got something Latin.”

“What be influenza?”

“I stripped him naked, pushed a large carrot up his fundament and warned him that next time it would be a jacket potato.”

“I had cleavage that could crush walnuts.”

“To become an accomplice in my own murder.”
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