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Book Review: The Mammoth Book of Time Travel SF, part 3

The Mammoth Book of Time Travel SF edited by Mike Ashley, part 3

Coming Back
A man gets trapped in a time loop. Bad.

Best Lines:
“I’m looping through the same thirty minutes forever.”

“The entire universe would have evaporated into dead cold soot.”

The Very Slow Time Machine
A time machine becomes a decades long obsession. Good with a nasty twist.

Best Lines:
“He’s been insane from the start.”

“Credo quia impossible.”

“The alternative is hideous.”

An unutterable abomination against god is taking place in a nuked London. Good.

Best Lines:
“The whole situation isn’t precisely normal, you know-”

“Unable to imagine an aftermath they would want to live in.”

‘In The Beginning, Nothing Lasts...’
A bizarre tale about time running backward. Ugh.

Traveller’s Rest
A crappy tale about a war on a time ravaged planet.

Time is disrupted by strange occurrences in this odd but haunting tale. Good.

The Pusher
Bad taste defined.

Palely Loitering
A love story told in timey-wimey fashion. Good.

Red Letter Day
It is graduation day and the students await the letters sent by their future selves. But for the ones who don’t get letters, does it mean they have no future? Good.

Best Line:
“Something bad happened - something not quite expunged from the history books, but something not taught in schools either.”
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