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Thoughts & Quotes of the Day

Ben Affleck is to play Batman in ‘Man of Steel 2’. WTF?

The BBC has axed ‘The White Queen’ - so I guess they’re not filming ‘The White Princess’ then.

Revels are okay. The coffee ones are ugh. The maltesers are ok but there are way too many of them. The chocolate ones are lovely. The toffee ones are okay. The orange ones are divine and I won’t touch the nasty horrid raisin ones.
Strawberry choc = good.

Reviews of ‘The 100’ coming soon.

‘The Man From UNCLE’ Quote:
Napoleon I hate to trouble you with trivia, but I think I’m about to get killed.”

‘Don’t Trust The B---- in Apartment 23’ Quotes:
“Who’s up for snacks and a pee?”

“Welcome murder fans.”

“I just realised, I hate you.”

“We don’t want to get drinky wrinkles.”
“So I’m just drinking juice? Like a kid?”

“Shouldn’t you be dancing in a glass booth somewhere?”
“No. Your mom took my shift.”

“Rough night. Lot of bad choices.”

“I haven’t paid for cable in three years. How are we still getting TV?”

“I thought there were two types of girls. The pretty ones and the invisible ones.”

“Why is he talking?”

“Can anyone go to Argentina or do you have to be a Nazi?”

“We played a game of murder chicken and I won.”

‘Chickens’ Quotes:
“There’s never been a better time to be a single man in England.”
“You should be arrested for saying that in a time of war.”

“Mum and I just assumed that since you’d be going to war we could clear your room and move all your stuff out of it and put it in the street. And get rid of your bed and hold a cleansing ceremony in which all of your personal effects are thrown into the sea.”

“Not respect, less enthusiastically despise.”

“A coward and a moron.”

“Just 100% shut up.”

“Just go somewhere else for a bit.”

‘Deadly Lessons’ (1983) Quotes:
“She’s a Saudi and very temperamental.”

“You are here for the summer session for various reasons, none of them good.”

“Althea Baxter where is my white silk shirt?”
“I don’t have your stupid shirt.”
“You’re a liar as well as a thief.”

“Failed actor, English teacher.”

“You still didn’t like her.”

“I’ve been too busy doing Shama’s math.”

“Somebody killed Althea in the stables this morning”

‘The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ Quotes:
“Respect your elders punk.”

“Are you okay?”
“Yeah. Except for the pain. Yeah.”

‘From History’s Shadow’ Quotes:
What do you think the United States should be doing now that we know, without any doubts, that there are beings from other worlds with an apparent interest in Earth?”

“Nobody would believe any self-respecting captain of a starship would ever put up with a chief medical officer like you.”
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