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Book Reviews: Cruel Summer + The Sleep Room

Cruel Summer by James Dawson
This is an excellent Christopher Pike homage. A group of former school friends get together at a Spanish villa a year after their friend Janey committed suicide. But their holiday erupts into bitter recriminations, revelations, love twists, burning hatred and murder. This is a funny, gripping, wonderful read.

Best Lines:
“Oh good, another Greg tantrum. That would help exponentially.”

“Can you remember when Janey dropped her phone down the toilet at school?”

“Big, angry guilty tantrums about how, if Ryan ever told anyone, Greg would kill him. Ryan, still alive, wasn’t convinced.”

“They were all going to prison. Maybe if he was lucky he could charm some half-decent daddy type into protecting him in the showers.”

“This was going to look really, really dodgy.”

“At least we don’t have to worry about the resurrected corpse of Janey hunting us down and killing us.”

“They weren’t her friends anymore.”

“He’s throwing rocks into the sea.”

“Nothing ever sticks to you lot does it? It’s never your fault. Nothing you do has consequences.”

“Why aren’t you people dead yet?”

“Saw love for what it was - brain rot.”

The Sleep Room by F.R. Tallis
This ‘horror’ was an utter disappointment. Psychiatrist James Richardson takes up a post at remote Wyldehope Hall in 1955. He oversees forsaken patients who are being subjected to deep sleep therapy. Richardson soon becomes aware that strange things are afoot at Wyldehope but you don’t care as this mess is fatally boring. The ‘twist ending’ makes no sense. This was a mistake.

Best Lines:
“Cogito Ergo Sum.”

“It was at that point that the screaming started.”
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