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Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Ep 13 Review

The Oath

Gaeta plans and executes a mutiny. Starbuck uses it as an excuse to be even more obnoxious than ever. Adama rages at the mutineers in full on Captain Bligh mode: "If you do this, there will be no forgiveness. No amnesty." Baltar acts greasily and needs shooting. Roslin is ever useless. Lee whines. Gaeta is smug. And Adama and Tigh prepare to make a last stand.

Despite all the promise this episode has, I found it utterly blah and boring and populated by morons. I finally got to see part one of the 'Family Guy' parody of 'Star Wars' and it was better than this. Hell, the sitcom 'No Heroics' was better than this. Maybe the next ep will be better. I just don't see Gaeta coming out of this well.

Best Lines:
"Adama's still alive?"
"You sound disappointed."
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