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‘We’re The Millers’ TV spot

I like zesty lime chocolate.
Pink Cranberry Lemonade = yum.

They are making a sequel to ‘Tape 407’? Why?

Reviews of ‘Agents of Shield’ and ’Sins of the Angel’ forthcoming.

‘Hollyoaks’: Sandy continues to cougar around with Dodger despite him being exactly like her feral pack of chav sons. Patrick manipulates Maxine again. Dr Paul hooks up with Cindy and then threatens her with death. Dodger steals from a dead woman. What nice men Paul and Dodger are.

‘A Taint In The Blood’ Quotes:
“Are you in trouble?”
“No, you are,”

“I’ll peel you like a tangerine!”

“Throwing a decanter at your head is a hint, Adrian.”

“Still dressing like an Italian pimp, I see.”

“I’m evil. Of course I like Modernist architecture.”

“A phrase in a language that had been long dead when Stonehenge was new.”

“It’s not food unless it screams in despair when you bite it.”

“We were why your kind still fears the dark.”
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