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The Walking Dead 3x08 + Supernatural 8x15&8x16 Reviewed

Made To Suffer
New characters show up at the prison and encounter Carl. Andrea is just a dumb concubine now. Glen tears off a dead zombie’s arm to use as a melee weapon. The Governor wants to take out the prison gang. Rick and co attack Woodbury. Michonne realises the extent of the Governor’s insanity. A vicious fight ensures between her and him. Andrea’s stupidity is beyond belief. The Governor war mongers and Merle is reunited with Daryl. This was okay. I want to like this show more but I can’t.

Best Lines:
“We don’t know what’s in there.”
“We know what’s out here.”

“People love it because it feels like what was.”

“We’re in hostile territory.”

Man’s Best Friend With Benefits
The bros hook up with James (who they’ve allegedly worked with before) who is a cop/witch. His familiar/girlfriend hangs around too. There is bad acting, a narrative cesspit, murders, witch feuds and somehow it all becomes all about Sam again. Why should the idiot Dean trust the snotty Sam? I don’t care about this. There is no happy ending here. Sam has a magic destiny (just like seasons 2&4) and lies to Dean (just like always). Enough.

Best Lines:
“Wow, you’re quick.”

“Witchcraft James, really?”

“Sit, sit.”

“He’s gone ripper.”

“Your total ruination seemed appropriate.”

Remember The Titans
Sam spits up blood and lies. Kevin is still off-screen taking a long time translating an unknown script in an unknown language. The bros encounter a hobo who turns out to be Prometheus. There’s a sob story, Zeus in a suit, Artemis being dumb and bad acting. This started promisingly but turned gooey and negative. This was stupid, there are ‘Hercules: The Legendary Journeys’ episodes better than this.

Best Lines:
“It’s a book, read it.”

“People don’t walk away from that, zombies do.”

“Dead my ass.”

“The gods before the gods.”

“The god of hunters couldn’t find a shack in Montana.”
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