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Book Review: The Testing

The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau
In a future post World War III America, Cia wishes to leave to her small colony and study at the University of the United Commonwealth. But to do that she has to take part in the Testing in which candidates are compete for the small number of University places available. But Cia is shocked by the brutal competitive nature of the Testing. But she does not want to fail and is sure she can trust Tomas, the boy she likes. But the Testing raises disturbing questions about the United Commonwealth, Tomas and Cia herself. This is a very good dystopian tale in the mould of ‘The Hunger Games

Best Lines:
“Does he know there are others out here on the corrupted plains?”

“Your boyfriend isn’t the nice guy he’s pretending to be.”

“The idea that the University might be filled with more tests sends a chill straight to my heart.”

“Side by side in the darkness we wait for the scream to come again. It doesn’t. Neither does sleep.”
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