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Book Reviews: The Third Gate + Revelation and Dust

The Third Gate by Lincoln Child
From the co-author of ‘The Ice Limit’, ‘Riptide’ and ‘Fever Dream’ comes this excellent tale of an archaeological team searching for the lost tomb of the fabled Pharaoh Narmer. But strange things are happening and the search has become a mass of negativities. As the quest goes on and discoveries are made, it seems the divinity in question does not want to be found. This was a hugely enjoyable adventure tale with a touch of the supernatural. However it does seem to take place in an Egypt where the Arab Spring never happened.

Star Trek The Fall: Revelation and Dust by David R. George III
The 1st book in 2013’s ‘event’ saga is boring and full of padding. It’s a fatally misguided mess. Set two years after the events of ‘Plagues of Night’ and ‘Raise the Dawn’, the new DS9 is open for business. Old and new faces show up and all is well until the Typhon Pact strike, again. Meanwhile Kira is involved in pages and pages of hallucinatory padding. I don’t know where all this is going and I don’t care. This bored. Sisko’s daughter may be part Prophet, Ezri apologies for being a bitch, Ro has lost all her edge and the ‘shocking plan’ of the Typhon Pact is not that shocking at all. I guess we’re supposed to care about the loss of an idiotic fool of a character, but I don’t. The reaction to the ‘shocking event’ is laughably overwrought. This book failed on all levels.
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