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The White Queen (2013) 1x10 Reviewed

Lord Stanley is morally repulsive. Margaret Beaufort is in despair. Prince Edward pukes in a corner and dies. Elizabeth of York and her uncle Richard III get all ‘Flowers in the Attic’ to the despair of Anne Neville. Richard III is not particularly clever, Elizabeth of York is always on the make like her vile mother and the duo becomes the subject of public ire, vilification and infamy.

Richard III is a tormented soul in his tacky crown, he’s also a self obsessed bastard. Anne dies of TB or maybe poison. Elizabeth of York hits on her uncle as his dead wife lies in state. Richard III is all grandiosity and nonsense. Henry Tudor’s fleet sails. Margaret Beaufort has no love for Elizabeth of York. Henry Tudor lands and Lord Stanley induces more loathing as he waits to pick a side. The battle of Bosworth Field takes place and suddenly there is snow everywhere and the field is a forest. Richard III dies in somewhat grotesque fashion, such a shame as he had nice hair. Henry VII is now King and crowns himself. Margaret rejoices and sadly we don’t see Richard III end up under a car park. This was okay; Richard went from loyal brother to corrupt murderous King. Henry VII and his son would kill Warwick’s surviving grandkids and what would the Kingmaker have made of that? Also what would Margaret Beaufort have made of the Reformation?

Best Lines:
“She is no princess.”

“Your heartfelt generosity makes me drink it quicker.”

“He’s her uncle and he’s married.”

“He means to shame her as a whore.”

“He will put Anne aside to marry me.”

“I am the Kingmaker’s daughter and many in the North only follow you for love of me.”

“I’ve won.”

“The new King will come.”

“I  will avenge him.”

“For Tudor! For Tudor! For Tudor!”

“Get the King a horse.”

“God save the King!”

“I am the King’s mother and you shall kneel to me as to a Queen!”

“You will be Queen of England as I once was.”
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