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Book Review: Mysteries of the Worm

Mysteries Of The Worm: Early Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos by Robert Bloch edited by Robert Price
From the author of ‘Psycho’ and ‘Psycho II’ comes this middling collection of Lovecraft inspired stories.

The Secret In The Tomb
A man uncovers a family secret. Okay.

The Suicide In The study
A dire ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ rip-off.

The Shambler From The Stars
A writer of weird tales wants to experience real weirdness. Good.

Best Lines:
“They most certainly were not anxious to see what worshipped at the old pagan altars that stood crumbling in certain of the darker glens.”

“For that unwitting summons was answered.”

The Faceless God
A tomb raider makes the mistake of disturbing a long buried idol. Good.

Best Line:
“His ways are best left unprofaned.”

The Grinning Ghoul
A pompous shrink encounters ghouls. Not good at all.

The Opener of the Way
A father and son go treasure hunting, it goes badly for them. Okay.

The Dark Demon
A writer is the mouth-piece for cosmic horror. Inane.

The Brood of Bubastis
The remnants of an Egyptian cult exist in Cornwall. Silly.

Best Line:
“Chewer of corpses!”

The Mannikin
A man tries to help a troubled former student. Okay.

Best Lines:
Were they not known to take long walks after dark, on nights when all decent, self-respecting people were safe in bed?”

The Creeper in the Crypt
A kidnap victim hears something horrifying. Okay.

Best Line:
“Dark was quite mad. At least, every-one thought it better to believe so.”

The Secret of Sebek
A man goes to a costume party that gets gate crashed. Derivative.

Best Lines:
“The predatory slut-eyes of a common harlot.”

“It was rather curious, his end. Fell off the bridge into a crocodile pit of the London zoo.”

Fane of the Black Pharaoh
A man learns the truth about a legendary Pharaoh from so far in the past he makes Homer look young. Good.

Best Lines:
“The utterly absurd notion that a dying fanatic had been gifted with prophetic power and scrawled the future history of the world on his tomb as a last act before death.”

The Eyes of the Mummy
A sequel to ‘The Secret of Sebek’, the protagonist gets involved with Egyptology again to his cost. Good.

The Sorcerer’s Jewel
Two men experiment with photographing the other. Good.

Black Bargain
A bargain is made. Okay.

Best Lines:
“What did he call up, and what bargain did he make?”

“You can see it waiting. And that’s why I’m afraid. What’s it waiting for?”

The Unspeakable Betrothal
A little girl’s dreams finally come for her in the night. Okay.

The Shadow From The Steeple
A sequel to Lovecraft’s ‘The Haunter of The Dark’, okay.

Notebook Found In A Deserted House
A 12 year old’s account of how them ones are coming for him. Good.

Best Lines:
“Then he began mumbling and that was worse. Because it meant he wasn’t out there alone.”

Terror In Cut-Throat Cove
A salvage attempt on a Spanish galleon goes awry. Good.

Philthe Tip
A pervert stalks a woman. Creepy; I think Bloch had issues with women.
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