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Book Review: The Mammoth Book of Time Travel SF, part 2

The Mammoth Book of Time Travel SF edited by Mike Ashley, part 2

Dear Tomorrow
A grieving man takes part in a TV show’s attempt to contact time travellers. Good.

Time Gypsy
A trip back in time to recover a lost academic paper triggers an unexpected adventure, good.

The Catch by Kage Baker
From the author of ‘In The Garden of Iden’ this story is like ‘Iden’, a tale of the immortal time travellers who work for the Company. This tale tells of how the recruitment of a potential Company operative goes terribly wrong. This is very good.

Best Lines:
“I increased the mass of the object. I sent a baseball back. Way back. Do you know what really killed the dinosaurs?”

“I’m a million, million years old.”

Real Time
He is an operative meant to preserve time by any means necessary. Or is he? Good.

The Chronology Protection Case
Scientists are dying; does it have anything to do with a top secret experiment they conducted? Good.

Women on The Brink of a Cataclysm
Time travel, parallel universes and art make up this intriguing read.

Legions In Time
A retro tale - and not in a good way - of time travel and a time war.

Best Line:
“There are bigger and more dangerous things up ahead of you than you dare face. You’re afraid to go there.”
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