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Supernatural 8x14 Reviewed

Trial and Error
Kevin bores, Sam and Dean squat in the MOL HQ. Dean cooks and waits on the thankless Sam. Trials have to be undergone; number one is to kill a hellhound. No-one mentions the hellhounds that killed Dean back in season 3. Dean and Sam figure out a member of a ghastly family made a deal. Hellhounds lurk, a feisty manager catches Dean’s eye and there is a twist. This wasn’t so hot. Mostly due to Dean being all suicidal and all about sacrificing for Sam, again. Whilst Sam is thankless and Dean should have killed the hellhound. This show is stupid at one point Sam says Dean has friends. No Dean doesn’t, because Sam gets jealous and drives them off.

Best Lines:
“I haven’t had my own room, ever.”

“There’s no creepy motel stains.”

“Every demon on the planet wants to peel my face off.”

“Don’t OD.”

“It’s crap work.”

“Her last album was a bunch of holiday songs for dogs.”

“Get cancer and die old man.”
“You first sweetie.”

“Daddy’s drunk and armed. Must be Christmas.”

“If land shark comes knocking, call me.”
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