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Book Reviews: Clockwork Prince + Roswell High 1 - 10

The Infernal Devices Book Two: Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare
The Shadowhunters are still searching for the Magister. Tessa is torn
between the vile Will and the saintly invalid Jem. Peril, betrayal, demon
summoning, death and a marriage proposal await. This was good but why are
we supposed to pity the selfish, stupid Will? This was good, a great fun
adventure plus it had endless brooding by the spectacularly awful Will.

Best Lines:
“So you struck her over the head with a mirror and tied her to the bed?”

“Gracious, that’s a lot of bosom you’re showing.”

“A pretty piece of poison.”

“He had never been anything but a pretty shell, and Tessa and her aunt had
dreamed into him empathy and compassion and sympathetic weakness because
they had wanted to see it there, not because it was.”

“She’s disappointed in Will all the time!”

“Well, who isn’t.”


Roswell High 1: The Outsider by Melinda Metz
This opens in the Crashdown Cafe in the infamous town of Roswell as Liz
Ortecho is shot by a crazed customer. As she lies dying on the floor, her
shy schoolmate Max Evans runs over and heals her and then flees. The only
evidence is a bullethole in her waitress uniform and two glowing silver palm
prints on her stomach. Now Liz knows Max's secret. He's not from around

Max, his sister Isabel and their friend Michael are survivors of the Roswell
crash. They've kept this fact and their powers a secret for years. But now
Liz and her friends Maria and Alex know about them. So can the conspiracy of
three become a conspiracy of six? Meanwhile obsessive Sheriff Valenti and
his noxious son Kyle are wondering what really happened in the Crashdown
Cafe. Valenti is an alien hunter, a member of Project Clean Slate and a
relentless enemy. This was good and inspired the TV series.

Roswell High 2: The Wild One byMelinda Metz
It's another normal day in Roswell. The gang are hanging out. Michael is
being dumped by his latest set of foster parents, Isabel goes dream walking,
Alex likes Isabel, Max is insisting that he and Liz can only be friends and
local crackpot reporter DuPris is looking for the latest alien stories to
fill his tabloid rag with.

Then new boy Nikolas rides up on his motorbike and he and Isabel start
sucking face. Nikolas is an alien too, another survivor of the Roswell
crash. But he's not like his fellow alien teens. He's nasty and cruel but
Isabel is becoming obsessed with him and willingly joins in on his crime
spree as he uses his powers wildly all over Roswell. She refuses to see him
for what he really is.

But Valenti has seen Nikolas for what he really is. So when Nikolas and
Isabel break into the mall one night to have some fun, Valenti is right on
their tail. It all ends very badly leading to an astounding revelation. This
was good.

Roswell High 3: The Seeker by Melinda Metz
The gang have learnt that Max's boss Ray Iburg is an alien. He too survived
the Roswell crash and he tells them the crash was caused by a traitor on
aboard who killed the crew and caused the ship to crash. Ray managed to
survive and hid the young aliens incubation pods in a cave. Ray hints
that there is another alien pod teenager out there somewhere.

Meanwhile Isabel is busy cracking up after witnessing Valenti kill. Max and
Michael are learning about their powers from Ray who teaches them how to
shapeshift and hints that their homeworld is not such a great place.
Meanwhile Liz - terribly hurt by Max's repeated rejections - goes on a date.
Creepy local wackjob reporter DuPris is still hanging around looking for
alien stories for his newspaper prompting one character to comment: "If he
offers you candy - run."

Meanwhile Maria who has found a mysterious ring that enables her to heal and
have psychic visions. But this alien artefact has a nasty effect on her.
This is another good book as the questions as to why the alien teens are
here is answered.

Roswell High 4: The Watcher by Melinda Metz
Max is going through his akino, a rite of passage on his homeworld, which
signals it is time for him to join with the Collective Consciousness of his
race. There is just one problem, since he is on Earth - he can't join and
since he can't join, he will slowly rot and die. Determined to help him, the
group join together to try to help Max reach the Collective Consciousness.
Max has some nasty side-effect from the akino and as his body
decays and his friends risk their lives to save him, he just doesn't care.

Alex's has father and Isabel issues. Ray suggests they break into the Clean
Slate compound. Cue a sighting of their ship, attempted vehicular homicide,
murder and capture. This was good.

Roswell High 5: The Intruder by Melinda Metz
Max is saved when he is able to connect with the Collective Consciousness.
But now Valenti knows Michael is an alien and introduces the stunned Michael
to Adam - the alien pod teenager Ray wasn't able to hide after the crash.
Adam has been in the tender loving care of Project Clean Slate his entire
life and loves Valenti like a father. There is something not quite right
about Adam.

Michael is soon distracted when he meets fellow prisoner Cameron who is
being held prisoner by Clean Slate as she has ESP. Or so Valenti wants
Michael to believe. Cameron is the oldest trick in the book - a honeytrap.
Outside as the gang mourn and plot to save Michael. Max and Liz finally get
together. But Isabel and Alex have an ugly split.

This is another good entry in the series. Events are even more dangerous. A
major character comes to a very nasty end, the gang is showing the strain
and Max is changing. This is an excellent series but I wish it were longer.

Roswell High 6: The Stowaway by Melinda Metz
Everything has changed. Valenti is dead and the gang of six has expanded to
eight - but they don't trust Adam or Cameron. Max has changed: his behaviour
is now unnerving and his link to the Collective Consciousness is literally
sucking the life out of him. Isabel isn't too concerned she is too busy
throwing herself at Michael. But then the gang come face to face with an
evil they never knew existed. An attempt to defeat the evil goes terribly
wrong and one of the gang is sent to an unknown fate. And on this
cliffhanger the book ends. This is the best book in the series so far.

Best Line:
"I hope your friend likes his new planet!"

Roswell High 7: The Vanished by Melinda Metz
The gang is in trouble. The irritant Cameron has gone and Alex is lost in a
galaxy far, far away. Isabel is feeling sorry over her shoddy actions
toward Alex but still finds time to have tension with Maria and Michael over
the whole botched love triangle. Meanwhile the Max and Liz relationship is
on shaky ground due to Max's increasingly bizarre behaviour since linking to
the Collective Consciousness. Adam has usurped Alex's place in the gang and
he also wants to usurp Max's place in Liz's affections.

The ship is missing from the destroyed Clean Slate compound and the gang
have no idea how to bring Alex home. Max is unnerved by his connection to
the Collective Consciousness especially when he learns it wants Alex dead.
Things get even worse when the gang learn that Alex's father is a Clean
Slate agent and Michael points out: "If he's Clean Slate, he's already out
for our blood, and if he finds out we're responsible for Alex's

New threats to the gang continue to pop up. They don't know what the agenda
of the new Roswell sheriff is and Kyle Valenti has gone crazy. However
Isabel does find time to comfort Mrs Manes, who believes her youngest son is
dead. As all these events swirl rapidly out of control, the gang find
themselves deep underground in a standoff with too many enemies. This is a
great addition to the series but why is nobody else that concerned about the
fact that Alex is missing?

Roswell High 8: The Rebel by Melinda Metz
Max, Isabel, Adam and Michael have no idea of what Clean Slate's agenda
really is. Michael meets his brother Trevor who is sneaky and weird. He's come
from the home planet to visit Michael or so he claims. Then Alex suddenly
shows up and  lies to his friends about what happened to him on the Home
Planet. He's brought something back with him, something that Trevor is
stalking him to obtain. Also Alex has undergone a mysterious change, he's
not the same person who went missing. When he returns to his home, he and
his father have an interesting conversation.

Liz dumps Max but he is too busy eating mouse food to care. Liz and her
father have a confrontation that has been a long time coming. Michael
refuses to accept there is anything suspect about his brother and the gang
is starting to splinter again. But they need to band together as Kyle
Valenti has gone off the deep end. The late Sherrif Valenti had been
documenting their activities for months and now Kyle wants to know what
happened to his father. All too quickly the splintering gang of friends are
caught between a rock and a hard place, namely the insane Kyle and the
treacherous murderous Trevor. This was good.

Roswell High 9: The Dark One by Melinda Metz
Trevor is a part of a rebellion on the alien home planet. They wish to
shatter the Consciousness viewing it as evil. Isabel begins her akino at the
worst of all possible times. The gang is splintered. Max is acting
increasingly freaky as the Consciousness strip him bit by bit of his
personality, his individuality and his soul. To avoid ending up like her
brother, Isabel runs away vowing to die rather than join the Consciousness.

This is good but just how clueless are the parents? In the course of this
book two people die and someone takes a long overdue trip to a loony bin.
These books are far superior to the mediocre TV show they inspired.

Roswell High 10: The Salvation by Melinda Metz
The final chapter what a ride it has been. Parting is such sweet sorrow.
Anyway people are dead, Kyle has been hauled off to an asylum and Max's
individuality has been crushed out of existence by the Consciousness. Max is
now reduced to a mindless vessel for the Consciousness, Liz is having
terrible dreams, Isabel and Trevor grow close, Michael is clueless and Alex
has become a pillar of strength. The gang decide that they will destroy the
Consciousness and vow to achieve their aim no matter the cost. This is a
great wrap-up to the series even if questions remain unanswered. What is
Clean Slate's agenda? Whatever happened to the man who shot Liz?
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