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Movie Reviews: Resolution + Paul

Resolution (2012)
This is a thought provoking but deeply weird low budget mumblecore horror
film. It was promoted as impossible to forget, which does sound like a
threat. Chris is a gun toting potty mouthed meth junkie who squats at a
remote cabin. His onetime BFF Mike decides tough love is called for. So he
tazers Chris and handcuffs him to a radiator to detox.

Some devourers of excrements drug dealers lurk. Chris wears a trucker hat
and rants. Mike finds weird things in the cellar. Then he wanders around
the desolate area, encounters weirdoes and finds more weird things. This is
good, it raises questions, has intrigue and then there is a weird ending.

Best Lines:
“How’d you find this place?”
“You sent me a map.”

“Is she still mad at me about the wedding?”
“Actually nobody, nobody, really likes you very much right now.”

“Try and sleep it off.”

“You still talk to those degenerates?”
“They’re my drug dealers.”

“Great idea Mike, take away the only thing in life that keeps me from
killing myself.”

“So you’ve got government and devil worshipper problems.”

“If I would’ve found that stuff, I would’ve sold it. And bought drugs.”

“You punch like a windsock.”

“It’s good coffee man, you should try it.”
“Does it have crack in it?”

“I think they were searching for monsters and they found each other.”

Paul (2011)
Two nerds in a RV (Simon Pegg and the untalented Nick Frost) do Comic-Con
and encounter a freaky CGI grey alien named Paul (voiced by Seth Rogen) and
run from hillbillies, a Christian nutter and MIBs. Paul makes a bird come
back to life and eats it. The trio kidnap a good Christian girl and make
her a potty mouthed atheist.

Religion is bashed. There are pop culture references and a really annoying
guy named Lorenzo Zoil (Jason Bateman) waves a gun around a lot. This had a
conspicuously CGI alien, homage, affectionate nods and creative artistic
theft. It was also disastrously unfunny with the genre staples of stuff
blowing up, psychopathic MIBs, an evil official (Sigourney Weaver) and
crudity. I cared not for this film’s soul sucking macho melancholy or the
dumb twist ending. This was inept.

Best Lines:
“Doesn’t look like anyone’s been murdered here.”

“Agent Mulder was right.”

“I ate a closed pistachio.”

“It’s Jesus shooting Charles Darwin.”

“God bothering cyclops.”

“It’s probing time!”

“The 5-0! Let’s bounce!”

“You psychotic nerd.”

“What is this? Nerd porn?”

“You know you’re a grown man right?”

“I’m on a mission from God.”
“Tell him you failed.”

"He looked awful mad."

“Little green bastard.”

“Let’s go Mork.”
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