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Book Review: A Singular Destiny

Star Trek: A Singular Destiny by Keith R.A. DeCandido

The aftershocks of the 'Destiny' trilogy are to ripple through the Trek books into 2010. And here comes the first aftershock.

The galaxy is picking up the pieces after the Borg devastation. Everything is in disarray, the Borg are gone forever but their deeds cast a long shadow. This books spans many worlds and races as the fallout of 'Destiny' is felt. Meanwhile one man, diplomat Sonek Pran, begins to notice that seemingly random events aren't so random. Pran uncovers that out of the ashes of 'Destiny' a new challenge to the galaxy is taking shape.

This was very good concentrating more on characters than action, it was very effective. This book also sets up plots for numerous future Trek books, what of the new challenge and two names on the list of the dead? Though there are some absences in this book: why is there no mention of what happened to Seven of Nine after 'Lost Souls'? What is the fate of the Voyager crew? Why has no-one wondered where the Q were during all this? Why is Ezri so annoying?

Still this was a wonderful read and I'm looking forward to this story continuing in future Trek tales.
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