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Supernatural 8x11&8x12 Reviewed

LARP and The Real Girl
Sam whines. Eat his malaise! Eat it! Sam stares into space as Dean says
they need a day off. Why doesn’t Sam get an actual job? TPTB still haven’t
learned from the mistakes of seasons 6&7. Felicia Day guest stars again.
No. No. No!

Remember when this show was about two brothers who looked like untalented
underwear models who drive their distinctive fuel inefficient car anywhere
in the US in less than a day to fight monsters? Remember when the brothers
used to be America’s Most Wanted? But now nobody notices them when they
regularly hang out with law enforcement.

There is LARPing and people saying ridiculous things. The brother’s fake
FBI badges are busted by a LARPer. Charlie (Day) bashes Dean for making Sam
break up with Amelia. WTF is TPTB’s obsession with Felicia Day, Amelia and
Sam? This episode made me angry bored. Dean bigs up Charlie, there is a
fairy in a creepy costume, Dean wears a bad wig, there is bad acting and
was this supposed to be intentionally funny? This was a ridiculous ep.

Best Lines:
“That’ll be our fun.”

“These kids today with their texting and murder.”

“Did you really think that sentence was going to clear things up?”

“I’m going to go dip myself in handsanitizer.”

“Serve your time with honour heathen! And if you need to use the chamber
pot, stomp your feet twice.”

“The Black Hills?”
“The forest behind the playground.”

“How’d you get it?”

As Time Goes By
Weird events in 1958 send John’s daddy Henry into Sam and Dean’s motel room
closet. Sam’s acting consists of him standing perfectly still whilst
sneering. The slightly creepy Henry is yet another long lost relative. Does
no-one recall the Campbell fiasco of season 6?

Henry makes the big revelation that the Winchester clan were into magic. So
neither the Winchester clan nor the Campbell clan were normal. Some woman
possessed by a Knight of Hell (Alaina Huffman of ‘SGU’) lurks exuding
simmering menace. Dean guesses Henry’s sudden disappearance back in 1958
explains John’s terrible parenting skills.

Henry blathers about Men of Letters and looks down on Hunters. I guess this
is the big plot of season 8. Henry blathers on about Men of Letters being
preceptors and chroniclers of all That Which Man Does Not Understand. They
may also be extinct. It’s interesting but also an ass pull. TPTB like to
wait for the audience to imbue moments with meaning.

This had bad acting, more unexplained unlimited financial resources and a
key. This started out well but turned mundane and hollow. Why did they
never try the Devil’s Trap bullet trick before? This was a disappointment.

Best Lines:
“When one of us falls out of your closet, then you can ask the questions.”

“Silly man, you forgot to lock the door.”

“Dudes time travelling through motel room closets. That’s what we’ve come

“All he did was stare out the window and request Pat Boone on the radio.”

“They are the first fallen, first born demons.”
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