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The White Queen 1x08 Reviewed

It is 1483 and the court peers at itself as if in a mirror as Elizabeth is her usual vicious and recalcitrant self. Edward IV (stop Max Irons before he acts again) has gone to seed and is in decline. Henry Tudor has grown to manhood and now has a shabby court in exile. He has aged but no one else has. The loathsome Elizabeth has ended up alone surrounded by people she pays to be there. The brutal pig Edward IV dies of his rabid sexual appetite, Elizabeth has a dead cold stare and dour is the prevailing mood. Margaret and Lord Stanley are plotting windbags, Elizabeth is a social predator and Richard’s ‘friend’ Buckingham (Arthur Darvill of ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Broadchurch’) shows up.

The controlling and empty Elizabeth plots even before her dead husband has gone into rigor mortis. She is self centred and acts as though no-one but she and her children matter. Richard is to keep the country safe but Elizabeth refuses to trust him and plots against him thus setting in motion the tragedy to come. Cecily is sick of the tantruming, tirading and unpleasant Elizabeth. The court is a bleak emotional hinterland as it is poisoned by suspicion and doubt. Jane Shore plots, Elizabeth plots, Henry Tudor wants the throne and little Edward V is as big a snot as both his parents.

Richard has enthusiasm for a bust up. Elizabeth’s idiot clan plots. Elizabeth is a drama queen and goes into sanctuary, again. She does not want to be Dowager Queen and plots a coup against Richard. Elizabeth’s late mother, Jacquetta, was born into the Royal House of Luxembourg. An Ancient family, you think she would have daughter some sense instead of just petulance and magic. Anne Neville becomes a player, Richard is fearsome and Elizabeth is emotionally unstable and corroded by paranoia.

Richard takes Edward V to the Tower for safe-keeping and vows to see him crowned and kept safe. What could go wrong? Elizabeth and Margaret plot. Elizabeth curses Richard. Elizabeth of York urges reason but her pit viper mother does not forget or forgive. Cecily says what everyone has long known about Edward IV’s and Elizabeth’s marriage. Margaret wants Elizabeth of York to marry her son. Richard broods in the moonlight and has some of the Queen’s relatives executed for being smug. Then he and Anne are crowned King and Queen Consort of England in a pretty but grim ceremony. Richard III is now King of England.

This was okay. Anne Neville has gone from being the daughter of a traitor to a Royal Duchess to being Queen of England. Warwick would be proud. Edward V is usurped, but his mother is so awful - no one cares, yet. Elizabeth is a dangerous enemy and Margaret has an awful lot of ambition. Richard isn’t devilish, notorious and the subject of dark rumours, yet.

Best Lines:
“Her heir is just a boy, not ready to fight.”

“Her fortunes fade with the King.”

“I don’t trust any of them.”

“Throw this woman out. Her kind is no longer welcome at court.”

“My family turned me away.”

“Can we trust Richard?”

“They’re just not killing each other.”

“Such a seedy matter.”

“I cannot reason with these people.”

“If they support him, they’re against you.”

“Name yourself king, it is the safest option now.”

“I am Your Grace, King to be. Though you will never see me crowned.”

“Your ambition will be the death of the boys.”

“You love the crown more than us.”
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