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'Sherlock' series 3 promo!

‘Sherlock’ series 3 promo
Uh. WTF is that growing on John’s face?

‘You’re Next’ trailer

‘Elysium’ trailer

Read another ‘Arrow’ spoiler, am not impressed.

‘Thor: The Dark World’ poster is something else.

There will be three sequels to ‘Avatar’? Why?

Steven Moffat of ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Sherlock’ wrote for the 1989 to 1993 series ‘The Press Gang’.

The 2009 film ’Chloe’ was ugh.

I am reading ‘The Kingmaker’s Daughter’.

Reviews of ‘The Silver Bough’ and ‘Clockwork Prince’ coming soon.

‘Don’t Trust The B---- in Apartment 23’ Quotes:
“I thought we were under attack, I flushed my diary.”

“I’ve never seen him like this, he stopped googling himself.”

“Let them hate it.”

“Did you guys see me milk that goat?”

“You just wait ho, you just wait.”

“You’re judging me and it stings.”

“She tore apart a pinecone with her bare hands.”

“I saw some news report about a skinny guy that got hit by a garbage truck and I figured, well, I’m a widow now.”

“Your marriage wasn’t legal. The priest was some club kid named Stinklord who had a tattoo of a cross on his neck.”

“I want to kiss her on her tongue doors.”

“Don’t blow dry it on high ever, ever again.”

‘Chloe’ Quotes:
“Thanks mom.”
“You said it.”

‘The Kingmaker’s Daughter’ Quotes:
“If you crown a gannet then she will gobble up everything.”

“There are not so very many husbands, dowries, fortunes to be had in England these days.”

“As if my sister is married to a treasonous royal every day of the week and it is vulgar of me to show any surprise.”
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