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Fun trailer stuff

'United States of Tara' trailer
The trailer for this sitcom is hilarious. I mean making a comedy about a suburban mother with multiple personalities? Sounds bad taste. But it looks hilarious, the 'whale tail' comment and gun range scene were the highlights.

'Avatar' trailer
This looks so boring, given its about an alien planet.

'Lexx' season 4 opening credits/promo
This looks dire, even if does take place on Earth. Stan is still dumb and Xev is still all about sex. Enough already.

'Children of the Stones' opening credits
This was a classic of 1970's British kiddie tv. I've never seen the show due to it being broadcast in the 70's but the credit shots of lots of ominous stones and the creepy music were very ominous. I want to see this now.
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