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The Walking Dead 3x05 + Supernatural 8x09&8x10 Reviewed

Say The Word
The Governor (David Morrissey of ’Doctor Who’) has a zombie child, he brushes her hair. Eew, but how did he get her to Woodbury? Rick has had a breakdown and kills walkers in an explosion of ham acting. No-one cares about Carl. Daryl heads out on a formula scavenger hunt with Maggie. How come the walkers don’t hear his hog? Michonne sees through the Governor’s chorography of threat and wants away from the dark underbelly of Woodbury. The devil woman Andrea wants to stay because she’s dumb. T-Dog is dead; no-one seems to care. Rick’s gang aren’t looking for whoever opened the gate. Daryl bottle-feeds little bastard. Rick finds out that Lori’s remains were eaten. Hee. Is Carol dead? Do we care? This was okay but Rick and Andrea are dumb beyond words.

Best Lines:
“People with nothing to hide don’t usually feel the need to say so.”

“A third of our group in one day.”

“It’s ugly out there and it’s getting worse every day.”

“No-one who comes here leaves.”

“You can’t leave unless they make you.”

“This place is not what they say it is.”

“So you want to run around out there with walkers on chains eating twigs?”

“Weird to lose someone by their own choice.”

Citizen Fang
Sam’s spite knows no bounds. Sam has a crazy hunter stalking Benny. Sam also has more boring flashbacks to Amelia. The harpy is annoyed her husband, Don, is not dead after all and does not want to return to him. Benny is hanging out with his granddaughter. Halfwit Sam is pathetic as he trusts a loon over his brother. More flashbacks show how Don and Dam met at a bar. Who writes this crap?

Why does Benny have such sadistic enunciation? Why does Amelia have no regard or even liking for her husband? The crazy hunter gets crazy and there are consequences. Sam is stupid and doesn’t listen. WTF is wrong with him? His moral code is defunct and I’m tired of his clenched, sneering, scabrous and sour personality. This was awful.

Torn and Frayed
Sam’s spite grows to ever more ridiculous levels as he contemplates ditching Dean to run off with Amelia, who he never told he was a hunter. Castiel and Naomi bore. The constipated face Sam and Amelia hang out as she cheats on her husband some more via sleazy motel sex. Poor Don, what did he do to deserve Amelia? Dean and Castiel look for a captive angel.

Castiel freaks out. Sam never apologies for any crap he pulls. Kevin is surly. Crowley lurks being boring. Castiel has idiot flashbacks to Naomi doing stuff to him. There are revelations about angel tablets and people controlling angels and I could care less. This season is full of potboiler insane plots that bore. Dean turns his back on bellicose Benny because he is the emotional tool of the canker blossom Sam. The extent of Sam’s power over Dean is sad. Why does what Sam want always come first?

Callous Amelia is eager to ditch Don for Sam but Sam ditches her. This was a terrible ep. Sam is an intolerable, mistrustful, long-winded, irritating prig who gives the infuriating impression that he is in sole and permanent possession of the moral high ground.

Best Lines:
“The bush, it talked to you?”

“We’ll just drive till we see ugly.”

“Our 9th abandoned factory. Ain’t that America?”

“We don’t need Sam.”

“I’ve given you every torture instrument known to man, short of a Neil Diamond album.”
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