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Book Reviews: Life on The Preservation + The White Forest

Life On The Preservation by Jack Skillingstead
Inside it's always the same day. Outside, there are no days left.

Ian, a graffiti artist, lives in a Seattle that isn’t Seattle. It’s just an endless time looped museum. Outside the world is an apocalyptic ruin where Kylie is one of the very few survivors. She will travel to Seattle and together they will discover the strange reality of the Preservation. This is good and creepy.

Best Lines:
“Kylie showed up to listen. There was pressure to do so, an un-stated threat if you didn’t.”

“He hadn’t actually chopped Dr. Lee’s head off but he had whacked it pretty hard with a baseball bat.”

“It’s too dangerous outside of town.”
“It’s getting too dangerous inside of town.”

“One time when you were drunk you smashed that Pepsi machine with a hammer.”
“That was different. The Pepsi machine deserved it.”

“Ray Preston, whose major accomplishment since the Judgement was burning down what remained of the high school he had previously dropped out of.”

“How’d I look in the psych ward?”
“Like you were home at last.”

“The city was jammed with people, or at least with things that looked and acted like people.”

“That’s ridiculous.”
“Yeah, and it’s not even the weirdest part.”

“He looked like that lunatic in Taxi Driver.”

“That was a long, long time ago.”

The White Forest by Adam McOmber
Jane Silverlake lives on her crumbling family estate in Victorian England. She is isolated due to her unusual ability to see the souls of objects. Her only friends are the cruel Madeline and the obsessed Nathan who she and Madeline fatally romanticise. The trio’s friendship is shattered due to jealously and Nathan’s interest in a cult.

When Nathan vanishes, Jane and Madeline vow to find him, uncovering the primal origins of Jane’s talent in the process. This is a good dark gothic novel that has a touch of Lovecraft, which is enough to overlook the anachronisms in this book.

Best Lines:
“I’d been largely a recluse in our decaying house until my friends came into my life.”

“Return to telling us how you’re going to avoid getting yourself murdered down there in wretched Southwark, Nathan?”

“That sounds rather ominous,”

“We can’t spend all our day wandering the Heath like sylphs.”

“It’s some goddess, but we can’t assign her to any religion.”

“I know what things live in these woods, and you wouldn’t want to meet them.”

“I was the kind of thing that walked alone.”
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