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Trailer, Quote and Stuff

‘Field of Blood’ promo
This BBC1 drama looks okay.

‘Amish Mafia’ has to be fake. Since when do the Amish get into buggy pimping, MMA barn fights and menacing?

Read a review of ‘The Wolverine’ that said it had crap villains and a poor ending. I don’t know.

Read more series 3 ‘Sherlock’ info. But does Sherlock still see John as an extension of himself and not care about his needs, rules or boundaries?

Reviews of ‘Paul’ and ‘The Mob Doctor’ forthcoming.

I am reading ‘City of Glass

‘City of Glass’ Quotes:
“I don’t see you running to tell all your friends that you’re a Shadowhunter.”
“What friends?”

Dark Hazelnut choc = divine.

Saw Bear Grylls climb inside a dead camel to shelter from the sun. He also cut into the camel’s stomach and squeezed the stomach contents into his mouth for water. Later on he squeezed fluid from elephant dung into his gob for water. Gross.

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Sinead’s cunning plan to blackmail one of her johns goes horribly awry. Browning gets Phoebe to pretend to be a dementia patient’s long lost granddaughter so he can steal her savings. Ste visits his dying mother. Trevor the local hardman is well hard.
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