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Book Reviews: City of Ashes + Burdens of the Dead

The Mortal Instruments Book Two: City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare
Clary and her long lost brother Jace try to cope with their mutual attraction and the fact that their long lost father Valentine is a genocidal rogue Shadowhunter. This was a good entertaining urban fantasy as monster hunters, werewolves, vampires, fairies and an OTT warlock have adventures in a shadowy New York.

Best Lines:
“Who wants to do me?”
“A regrettable choice of words,”

“How convenient. Everyone’s either unconscious or apparently delirious.”

“Just as you were children when the Circle plotted the destruction of the Clave?”

“This is all going to be very hard to explain to my mom,”

“I thought I’d lie on the floor and writhe in pain for a while,”

“She just throws things against the door and screams. She said that if I came in she’d jump out the window.”

“All his insides fell out. And then they started eating.”

“I can kind of see why she hates you.”

“You’re obviously psychotic.”

“I should have killed him myself. It would have showed that I cared.”

“Nothing good ever starts with the words ‘Valentine said’.”

Burdens of The Dead by Mercedes Lackey Eric Flint Dave Freer
This is the latest in the ‘Heirs of Alexandria’ series after ‘The Shadow of the Lion’, ‘This Rough Magic’, ‘A Mankind Witch’ and ‘Much Fall of Blood’ and it is a boring disappointment. The previous four novels were dense, rich, massive, brilliant alternate history novels. This is a dull tale with easily defeated baddies, the large cast of characters is severely trimmed down and there are ass pull plot resolutions.

Lackey seems to have written more of this than Flint or Freer. Even the big bad - the Chernobog possessed Grand Duke Jagiellon comes across as a cut rate Doctor Doom and not the unholy monster he was in previous books. This was a disappointing utter letdown. Where are the religious schisms? The multiple plot strands? Why are Kat and Marco so wet, stupid and boring? Why is Benito hanging out with the grandfather who left him and his half brother to die in a swamp?

Best Lines:
“He was also dead, long dead, and the passage of time had not improved him.”

“Waving a sword around with grave danger to his cheering comrades.”

“Poseidon seems to have fathered kids on nearly everything that breathed."
“Oh, he wasn’t fussy about them breathing.”
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