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The Day After part 3 + Supernatural 8x07&8x08 Reviewed

The Day After (1983) part 3
The farmer has left his irradiated dog outside to die yet when a stranger named Steven shows up, he lets him in. The farmer’s idiot daughter Jolene whines. Meanwhile the doctor does surgery via torchlight as instruments are boiled in a pan. Fake looking radiation burns are everywhere and cities are dead. This was sanitised and overacted.

There is hysteria, one of the farmer’s idiot family runs outside for a romp around fallout covered fields ignoring the dead animals and birds. The hospital is chaotic but there is no nuclear winter in this. A man hits a church bell with a rock and has a service in a ruined church giving a deranged sermon about: “Destroying the destroyers of the Earth.”

Survivors sitting around in piles of rubble listen to a radio broadcast which states a ceasefire is in place due to cataclysmic damage. One of the survivors is Stephen Furst of ‘St Elsewhere’, ‘National Lampoon’s Animal House’, ’National Lampoon’s Class Reunion’ and ‘Babylon 5’.

Reconstruction is attempted with talk of decontaminating fields and removing topsoil. Which begs the question: what are the survivors eating? This was okay, better than ‘When The Wind Blows’ that’s for sure.

Best Lines:
“It’ll never be safe.”

“Is anybody there? Anybody at all?”

“It smells so bad down here.”

“What do you thinks gonna happen out there? You think we’re gonna sweep up the dead and fill in a couple of holes and build some supermarkets?”

“We knew this could happen for 40 years.”

“Lucky to be alive.”
“We’ll see how lucky that is.”

“There has been no surrender, no retreat.”

“He said he didn’t know how they were going to fight World War III. But he knew how they would fight world War IV: with sticks and stones.”

“We’re talking catastrophe here.”

A Little Slice of Kevin
Why doesn’t Sam just leave as he is always threatening to? Castiel is back but Destiel will never happen. Crowley menaces. Did Sam have a personality overhaul that allowed to not to bother looking for Dean? Kevin and Mrs Tran are in trouble again. A witch is hired off craigslist and is a baddie.

There are more endless flashbacks. TPTB do know that their show is no ‘Lost’ and it isn’t 2004 anymore right? Chuck is casually mentioned as being dead. Crowley realises there are more tablets. Dean wails, Castiel blubbers and I remember those old ‘Prophecy’ movies. A new baddie Naomi (Amanda Tapping of ‘SG1’ and ‘Sanctuary’) yaps and this was deadly dull.

Best Lines:
“I’m quaking, really.”

“I lied. I do that.”

“You’ve got to stop drowning me in holy water every time I go out. I’m not possessed.”
“Not yet. Not now.”

“Talk about the dumbing down of America.”

“Don’t provoke me Kevin, you still have nine fingers.”

“Madman or megalomaniac?”

Hunteri Heroici
Dean’s drinking problem remains unaddressed. Castiel decides to be a hunter. Sam needs to cut his hair. People die via cartoon like ways. Sam has more boring flashbacks to Amelia. These bizarrely tinted flashbacks show how he bought a house and met her father (Brian Markinson of ‘Continuum’) and how he whined about being alone. Castiel overacts and analyses Roadrunner. Reality is warped by yet another old friend of John Winchester’s. A cat talks. There was bad acting and bad green screen. Sam was a jerk. What was so special about Amelia? Why didn’t he look for Dean? This was crap.

Best Lines:
“His heart was ejected from his body.”

“An ass load of drugs.”

“Stop smelling the dead guy.”

“Does the crazy chase you?”

“This whole mysterious resurrection thing.”

“There was a pastry mishap.”

“We’ll have a slumber party and braid Sam’s hair.”
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