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Movie Review: The Fourth Kind (2009)

This mocumentary has a bizarre opening scene and gets weirder from there. It is a flawed but intriguing horror lite tale. It is 2000 and Abigail (Milla Jovovich of ‘A Perfect Getaway’ and ‘Ultraviolet’) is a shrink in a small Alaskan town. There is muttering, sessions recorded on cassette tapes and the owls are not what they seem. Locals are having weird experiences and this reminded me of the dreadful 2002 ‘Mothmen Prophecies’. There are murders, missing people and the rabid local cop (Will Patton of ‘VR5’ and ‘No Way Out’) is assigning blame. Abigail mentions aliens and all hell breaks loose involving bizarre audio recordings, the Sumerian language, mentions of the alien god theory, hypnosis and Elias Koteas. The ending gets downright disturbing with bleakness and a twist. I enjoyed this.

Best Lines:
“What you believe is yours to decide.”

“Did you see the owl?”

“What’s ridiculous and offensive is that an entire family is lying in a morgue from a murder suicide. And last meaningful contact that the murderer had, was with you.”

“There is no owl.”

“The holy grail of dead languages. We haven’t deciphered the entire lexicon.”

“That still does not explain why that voice is speaking a language that predates Egyptian hieroglyphics.”

“This artwork was created in the fourth millennium BCE; four thousand years before Christ walked the Earth.”

“Mom, what did you do?”

“If you touch that doorknob I will arrest you.”

“How could they remember what they’re being forced to forget?”

“Find a lawyer, because you’ve run out of all the goodwill I’ve got.”
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