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Lots and lots of trailers!!!

‘Arrow’ season 2 sizzle reel
Summer Glau, ‘kill the killers’ graffiti, a souped up arrowcave, Oliver faces being poor, Lance is a beat cop, Laurel hates the vigilante and Oliver ponders a new superhero name. This looks okay. Why is Laurel in ‘Arrow’ at all? Bring back Tommy!

Best Lines:
“I respect that.”
“I don’t.”

“My best friend died thinking that I was a murderer.”

‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ trailer
Victor’s village, the victory tour, rebellion and the 75th Hunger Games. Prim needs to shut up; there are new training methods, fire and wet suits. I’m there.

Best Lines:

“Would you like to be in a real war?”

“Remember who the real enemy is.”

‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 trailer
Daryl, zombies, looting, zombies swarms, less Rick, Carol needs to go away, shut up Rick, knife lessons to kids, the zombies over-run the prison, no Governor, hints of betrayal and a radio signal. Interesting.

Best Lines:
“We need a place to go.”

“We might be safer outside those walls.”

“Was somebody feeding those things?”

‘Veronica Mars’ sneak peek
I can’t see this movie dominating the box-office in 2014. Logan asks Veronica for help. She hasn’t been a PI in years but is still up for stalking people. Her fat father seems to have forgiven her for that stunt she pulled at the end of season 3. Piz, Dick, Mac, that skeeve PI Vinnie, the high school principle all lurk as does Madison. Eli is married, the perv’s daughter Gia is there and Veronica has a degree in psychology and is a lawyer. A Jamie Lee Curtis cameo! Veronica is still a jerk and seems to cause a riot.

Best Lines:
“Neptune High.”
“It actually does sit on a Hellmouth.”

‘Under The Dome’ 1x05 promo
Visitors’ day. Ugh.

Django Unchained’ horse raid scene
This reminded me of ‘South Park’.

‘Django Unchained’ goodbye miss Laura scene

The more I read on the ‘Veronica Mars’ movie, the less I care. Does no one recall the non-event that was ‘Serenity’?

Billy Campbell to star in ‘Helix’, mmmm.

‘Sherlock’ series 3 has me worried. Sherlock thinks his relationship with John hasn’t changed. But it will never be the same again. Can’t and won’t. Oh dear.

Bear Grylls was in China and ate a bat, a rat and ant larva. When in Guatemala he told us he was a vegetarian and then ate a rhino bug. Then shoved bugs and crabs into his maw.

A ‘Supernatural’ spin-off? No.

‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ in 2015. I can’t help but be a little disappointed.

Guardians of the Galaxy’ looks interesting.

A Batman/Man of steel crossover. Wasn’t this hinted at by a movie poster visible in the background in ‘I am Legend’?

Saw some of the 2005 film ‘Just Like Heaven’ and it blew.

I am reading ‘Malice’.

Reviews of ‘The Kingmaker’s Daughter’, ‘City of Fallen Angels’ and ‘Vampires Suck’ forthcoming.

What is BBC’s ‘Field of Blood’ about?

Choc cupcake = nice.
Raspberry chutney = yum.
Gorgonzola cheese = delicious.
Coffee choc = nice
Saw a recipe for no churn coffee ice-cream, I intend to give a try.

‘Don’t Trust The B---- In Apartment 23’ Quotes:
“Drink it you bitch!”

“A homeless man just threw up on the sandwich case.”

“Someone got a little creative: expired Mexican nasal spray and pomegranate juice.”

“I have a fever now. In my swimsuit.”

“She’ll have a laugh, set fire to his car and move on.”

“She’s punching some lady’s cake.”

“I climbed on top of my wife and a little man came out.”

“Move out of your RV, move in with your daughter, start organising your pills and get ready to die bitch.”

‘Malice’ Quotes:
“When the starstone fell we should have listened to mankind and turned our faces from it.”

“Fabled cities are often just that - fabled.”

‘Blackadder III’ Quotes:
“If I’d wanted to talk to a vegetable, I would have bought one at the market.”

“All the social graces of a potty.”

“I applied for the job of village idiot of Kensington.”

“You live in the pipe in the upstairs water closet.”

“It’s 11:30 in the morning and you’re moving about. Is the bed on fire?”

“As soon as that fat Prussian truffle pig has got his snout wedged into a bucket of teacakes.”

“Strange woman whom I’ve never seen before.”

“Fortune vomits on my eiderdown once more.”

‘Just Like Heaven’ Quote:
“Who put Spongebob in the pasta?”

‘The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ Quotes:
“I’ve a computer to shoot.”

“Anyone who had lunch, get ready to lose it.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Ste is a rubbish criminal. He also claims his kids come first. Where was that attitude when he put Brendan before them? Where did Paul’s wife go? The one before Mercedes? Patrick berates Maxine as he continues to remodel her through emotional abuse. He throws cans around a la ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’. She crawls around on the floor, tidies up his mess and it’s creepy. Maxine later defends him and Patrick tells her a sob story. Ash hangs out with Will. Trevor lurks being hard. Jim is the only solicitor in Chester; I suspect he is stalking Paul. Ash ends up caring for Anna whilst on work experience.

Best Lines:
“No, Patrick, please.”
“I can’t believe you made me do this. What is wrong with you?”

“This time I’ll try I promise.”
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