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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2 x04 Reviewed

Allison From Palmdale

Cameron recalls memories from the real woman she was modeled on. This leads her to lockup and later a halfway house. I'm suprised that social services haven't called on Sarah already, seeing as she and her kids regulary look battered and there is a dubious uncle living with them. Maybe Cameron's memory flashes were triggered by the fact she realised the governor looks very familiar.

Anyway John tolerates Cameron malfunctioning, again. Meanwhile Cameron, who believes she is Allison, hangs out with Jodie. Now Jodie seems at first to be a friendly, unfairly treated street kid. But as with Cameron, don't take things on face value. Cameron's origin story is revealed and she snaps back to herself.

During all this Sarah hangs out with Casey and tells the story of John's birth. Ellison goes to work for Catherine and meets her 'daughter' Savannah.

This was very good, season 2 is a vast improvement on season 1.

Best Lines:
"Did you kill her?"
"Apparently not."
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