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Book Review: Venom

Venom: The Secrets of the Eternal Rose by Fiona Paul
In Renaissance Venice, Cass is a spoiled stupid thankless little twit of an aristocrat who talks, thinks and acts like she is from 2013 and not 1600. She meets a strange boy in a graveyard and runs around with him in Venice’s red light district acting like a dim, disloyal, selfish bimbo. Her insta love man candy is Falco, an arrogant, emotionally abusive, patronising, lying burk who Cass cannot stop hurling herself at even when she thinks he is a murderer.

There’s a lunatic in Venice, cutting up women which Cass uses as an excuse to hang out with Falco. The way Cass acts would have got any decent Venetian girl locked up in a nunnery but she gets away with it because well, she just does. What is The Eternal Rose of the subtitle? Well it is not revealed, that is for the next two books in the series. I won’t be bothering. This seemed to have promise initially but was just ridiculous crap full of unlikeable characters and exposition dumps.

Best Lines:
“Well, that would be very bad, possibly exiled-to-a-nunnery-in-Spain bad.”

“Cass didn’t know much about the seemingly never-ending wars with the Ottomans.”

“They’re doing witchcraft there, or worse.”

“Satanists, if you ask me.”
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