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Book Review: 14

14 by Peter Clines
From the author of the lame ‘Ex-Heroes’ comes this far superior apocalyptic mystery. Nate is a directionless guy in a dead end job. His life gets more interesting when he gets a new apartment and the oddities begin.

There is something odd about his apartment, the building and its history. Something strange is going on and Nate, desperate for meaning in his life, decides to find out what. This was very good. It’s a mystery horror that made me think of ‘Lost’ in an apartment building.

Best Lines:
“Someone wrote in blood on my wall?”

“He kept waiting for the light to reveal a skeleton, a blood stain, or an albino creature that had been locked in the sub-basement for years.”

“I’m wondering if whatever was going on here wasn’t just a brief thing. What if it was going on for years?”

“Not ominous at all,”

“It crossed her mind that she was two stories underground and there was a good chance no one would hear her if she started screaming.”

“It is a key, built to ensure a certain doorway stays locked shut.”
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