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Trailer, Quotes and Stuff

‘Southcliffe’ promo
Channel 4’s new drama looks interesting.

Review of ‘The Fourth Kind’ forthcoming.

I am reading ‘Venom’.

Orange choc = yum.
Samphire = okay.
Spanish Hot Choc = yum.
Peanut Choc Brownie = yum.
Strawberries = yum.

Did some more reminiscing about comics of bygone days. ‘Sarah and Jane: Little Ladies at War’ (two teen film stars who star in a series of movies pretend to be BFFs whilst hating each other). ‘The Four Marys’ (4 girls at St Elmo’s have adventures, once of which saw them defeat an alien invasion), ‘The Comp’ (the girls at a comprehensive school have adventures involving appendicitis and being allergic to pink eye shadow) and ‘The Siege of Sydney Street School’ (a girls boarding school steals a sports trophy from a boys school and the girls school is placed under siege as they refuse to relinquish it. TPTB try to starve and fire hose the girls out. How is this legal? Where are the parents whilst their daughters eat cereal with cream soda? This series seems to be unaware of the existence of feminism as there are knitting races and two boys sneak into the school in drag and are busted when they try to boil an egg without water @@)

‘Blackadder II’ Quotes:
“Fat Tory landowners who get made MPs when they reach a certain weight. Raving revolutionaries who think just that because they do a day’s work, that somehow gives them the right to get paid.”

“There are bits of lemon peel floating down the Thames that would make better Regents than you.”

“Country Gentleman’s Pig Fertilizer Gazette.”

‘Desperate Housewives’ Quote:
“Babies are selfish that way.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’, the new credits debut full of Roscoes, Myra, Osbornes and others. Patrick continues to remake Maxine and glower at her. Ste’s been arrested for drug dealing but that doesn’t stop him swanning around in tracksuits smarming like Gavin Henson on the pull. Sinead’s an idiot. Sienna continues her ‘The Hand That Rocks The Cradle’ plotting against Nancy resulting in Darren tossing Nancy out the front door. Why are John Paul and Nancy friends? Where is John Paul’s son? Nancy figures out Sienna is framing her and punches her out. Will Darren believe Nancy?

Best Lines:
“Why did you kick your sobbing wife out the front door?”

“You’re the one that’s been making me look like a pill popping lunatic!”

Saw a repeat of a ‘Without A Trace’ ep that guest starred Reed Diamond as a missing social worker. It made me wonder: what on earth happened to Anthony LaPaglia’s face? He was hot once in ‘Innocent Blood’! Also what became of his career and that of Enrique Murciano’s?
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