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Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Ep 12 Review

A Disquiet Follows My Soul

Chief learns that Nicky isn't his son. Hotdog is the father. Poor Cally, even dead they make the character worthy of a 'Maury' show. Starbuck continues to be a snot, she's learnt nothing. The press make a fuss, why they aren't being made to do real work is ridiculous. Anyway Roslin is still alive and is still President despite her drug induced visions turning out to be false. Roslin created this farce and now washes her hands of the mess she created.

Adama still jumps into bed with her anyway. They both ignore Zarek stirring the pot and planning a mutiny with Gaeta. After seasons of being shot by a sports hero who turned out to be a cylon, stabbing Baltar with a pen, being kicked around by Starbuck and generally being ignored, Gaeta's had enough of the cylons and those who ally with them. This won't end well. This was a good episode. Roslin and Starbuck act like morons, which is justifying Gaeta's behaviour.
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