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The Americans 1x10&1x11 +Hannibal 1x10 +Once Upon A Time Reviewed

Only You
Elizabeth is a horrible hypocritical bitch. The FBI get teary eyed over the dead moron Amador. Martha wears a blouse the colour of dung. Stan justifies his murder of poor dim Vlad. Nina cries over poor Vlad. Paige smartmouths her foul beast mother. Stan beats up a man and the FBI is onto Gregory. There is a musical montage and bad things happen to people. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“This place is kind of depressing.”

“That’s worser.”

“That I wasn’t expecting.”

“After the first few years, he’ll be fine.”

Covert War
The CIA arranges murders in Moscow. Elizabeth vows revenge. Stan patronises his wife. Elizabeth has flashbacks to 1964, 1971 and 1976 and her now dead mentor and his bad wig. Stan’s son goes to ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ and Stan does not know how to react. Nina gets promoted. Martha introduces Philip to her parents.

Elizabeth and Philip don more daft disguises and her revenge plot ends with her pitching a fit. Stan ditches Nina. Bureaucrats are idiots. Philip gets an apartment just as his fake foul wife realises she wants him back. Elizabeth is an awful person who obviously does not like her children. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“He called to say he’s working late, shocker right.”

“Assassins with federal ID badges.”

“His gym has exterior video surveillance, don’t ask me why.”

“She’s in a playgroup. There are no demands on children in America, no chores. All we do all day long is watch them play.”

“This isn’t going to end well for you old lady.”

Buffet Froid
Another woman is cut up. Hannibal enunciates badly. Will finally goes to a hospital and the psycho of the week is Ellen Muth of ‘Dead Like Me’. Will has an MRI and is revealed to be seriously ill. Hannibal and his doctor lie to him about the results so they can study him. The mentally ill Georgia (Muth) has the cotard delusion. Will is about as much use as a damp bath towel. How did Georgia keep getting into people’s houses? This was okay with a neat twist.

Best Lines:
“She drowned on her own blood.”
“What she didn’t drown in is all over the floor.”

“Dr Lecter here is one of the sanest men I know.”

Into The Deep
Hook and Cora plot. Henry and Aurora can communicate via their dreams. Henry shrills. Belle and Rumpy bore. Season 2 finally improves. Aurora is in peril, Charming is dense and Snow is selfish and blubbers. This was good with a neat twist but what is the purpose of Mulan and Aurora?

Best Lines:
“Are you gonna kill me now? Go ahead, try.”

“That’s not how she tells the story.”
“I won in the end.”

“We always lose each other too.”
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