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Star Trek Enterprise Rise Of The Federation: A Choice Of Futures by Christopher L Bennett
From the ashes of the Romulan War, the United Federation of Planets has arisen. But the fledgling UFP is new and finding its feet. Black hole of boredom Admiral Archer spouts platitudes and everyone worships him for some reason. T’Pol and Reed are now starship captains working to create a multi-species Starfleet. Trip Tucker is still working for Section 31 (more successfully than Reed ever did) to thwart efforts to sabotage the nascent UFP.

This is good as various worlds work together as they face a threat from an utterly alien menace. I enjoyed this leaving aside the bizarre Archer worship, the America saves the day subtext and Bennett’s annoying neo-liberal hippie ethos. I even liked the unsubtle appearance of ancestors of Jim Kirk’s. I look forward to the follow up novel ‘Tower of Babel’ in 2014.

Best Lines:
“Was setting off an antimatter warhead over their heads the best tactic you could think of? Really?”

“How many protests on Tellar this week?”
“About fifty.”
“Well, at last something’s normal.”

“Amazing. Just a decade ago, the Vulcans were the ones with the massive armed fleet policing the region. One ancient text gets uncovered and they’re suddenly pacifists.”

“I figured the ruins of a cataclysmic, world-destroying civil war would be a refreshing change.”

“You know, we don’t really know that much about what they actually achieved.”

“These eldritch creatures with faces like Munch’s The Scream as interpreted by H.P. Lovecraft.”

“I like explosions. They’re pretty.”

“Sometimes a policy of avoiding contact with less advanced civilizations is not about protecting them from us.”


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