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‘The Heat’ TV spot
Mildly amused.

Best Line:
“A car broke his fall.”

‘The Heat’ TV spot 2
Phone book!

The Invisible Man’ (1975) intro
A scientist (David McCallum with horribly dated hair and clothes) uses red lights and a tape deck to turn invisible. His eyes float in midair, he wears a polo neck whilst invisible and the music annoys! Interesting.

Pyramint ad
This 1980s candy was a chocolate pyramid full of mint fondant. It had a cool box and the ad was voiced by Kenneth Williams.

Smiths Crisps ad
A farmer tries to harvest his spuds (doing a lot of grunting) but they won’t be harvested. The spuds sing that they want to be Smiths Crisps and nothing else. Right into the deep fat fryer with you!

I made Nigella Lawson’s olive oil cake - it’s okay.
Turtles bars = divine.
I like Cesar salad.

Reviews of ‘Charming’ and ’[Rec2]’ forthcoming.

I am reading ‘The Mortal Instruments Book One: City of Bone’.

So flintlock fantasy is the in thing now?

Read casting info for 'Arrow' season 2. Interesting.

Did some more reminiscing about comics of yesteryear. Comics which had stories like ‘Valda’ (immortal super powered girl and her magic crystal have adventures), ‘Angel’ (saintly invalid heads into the Victorian East End to save the poor), ‘Hateful Hattie’ (a girl in a cruel orphanage is the secret patron of her fellow orphans), ‘T for Trouble’ (I recall the name but not the plot) and ‘The Honourable SJ’ (an aristocrat’s daughter is a school bully who keeps getting expelled and moving to a new school over and over and over and over again.)

There was also ‘Cold as Charity’ (snotty madam travels around Victorian England trusting no-one), ‘Watch Out, She’s a Witch’ (girl keeps faking she is a witch), ‘The Girl Who Came Back’ (a girl’s spirit lingers in her old house as she wonders what happened to her, where her family is and why her beloved koala bear hair clip was left behind) and ‘The Survivors’ (bald aliens who look like Studio 54 rejects have conquered the land. Three plucky kids travel to London gaining a fistful of seeds along the way, the aliens are defeated somehow, people do a dance of joy and the three kids and their parents become farmers with just the fistful of seeds.) Ah the days of yore.

Saw Mark Hamil’s guest spot on ‘Criminal Minds’ 8x24. It was totally underwhelming. Everyone was crying over a nasty FBI agent/horse slut painted strumpet. A puffy faced loon (Hamil) was easily defeated in a ludicrous showdown.

Best Lines:
“They’ll remember me now.”

“They put me in Kansas. Me.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Nancy’s back and Sinead decides to prostitute herself rather than go on benefits. The rat faced Roscoe clan are jackasses. John-Paul gets a new man. Ruby does not think Sinead is a bad person. WTF? Sienna shoves baby Oscar’s stroller in front of a car (he’s not in it) and Nancy gets run over sadly not fatally. Sinead’s newborn daughter Katy gets sick. Tilly and Esther hook up.

Best Line:
Come back you little slapper!”

‘Blackadder II’ Quotes:
“Satan and all his little wizards.”

“Vanished, simply vanished.”
“Like an old oak table.”
“Vanished, Lord Percy not varnished.”
“Forgive me My Lady but my Uncle Bertrum’s old oak table completely vanished. Twas on the night of the Great Stepney Fire.”

‘Strike Zone’ Quotes:
“Is that Klingon I smell, even through space?”

“He smiled. Inwardly, of course.”

“He’s bleeding in there!”
“So what?”

“Whatever secrets, whatever wonders lay through there would remain there. Untouchable and unknowable.”

‘Mother Love’ (book) Quotes:
“She talked of the treachery of the man Vesey, of his succession of whores and bastards.”

“Put one of those gorgons on the sofa, mooning and moaning and reading romantic novels and eating chocolates, and make her queen of a dreary little set of provincial toadies, because her husband made more money than theirs did.”

“Her ears were fine-tuned to insult and disrespect, because she had suffered so much of both.”

‘The Mortal Instruments Book One: City of Bones’ Quotes:
“But what were you doing hiding in Luke’s bushes?”

“You were shacking up with some dyed-blond wannabe goth.”

“I’m sure he has a fairly stringent policy about random teenagers lurking in his shrubbery.”

“As if he half-expected her to tell him none of it was true and Jace was actually a dangerous escaped lunatic she’d decided to befriend on humanitarian grounds.”

“Everything makes Valentine suspicious.”
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