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The Walking Dead 3x02 + Supernatural 8x03&8x04 Reviewed

Nobody seems interested in what caused the Walkers or why. Rick and co face off with hostile aggressive moron prisoners. Nobody asks why they are willing to kill each other over a prison. Lori starts up her usual crap. The womenfolk sit around. Maggie and Beth annoy. Lori doesn’t watch Carl; does she recall that he was shot not so long ago? She also does not raise the issue of the paternity of her unwanted child. Carl is sick of Lori. As are we all.

Carol practices a c-section on a walker. Have none of the characters ever seen a zombie movie? Why do the womenfolk always depicted as useless crying loads who sit on their asses and whine? Rick is a jerk, the too dumb to live Lori gives CPR to a possibly dying Hershel, someone watches Carol defile a dead walker and Lori keeps pushing Rick and running her mouth. This was crap. Brad Pitt’s ’World War Z’ was better than this.

Best Lines:
“Windows got bars on there that He-Man couldn’t get through.”

“Ain’t got to tell us how to take out a man.”
“They ain’t men. They’re something else.”

“No more prison riot crap.”

“We don’t have no affiliation what just happened.”

“You better run.”

“You think this is sick? You don’t wanna know what’s outside.”

Horrible murders with hearts ripped out take place. Sam and his ugly hair chews on an apple whilst extolling the virtues of organic farmer’s markets. Sam and Dean are orange. Dean has a translation app. Sam is smug and selfish. The big bad of the ep is an immortal athlete who became an organ donor. There is babbling, bad acting, mass death and this was awful. Sam has idiotic flashbacks to hooking up with a bitchy vet.

Best Lines:
“Possessed satanic crack whore.”

“Thor he ain’t.”

This ‘found footage’ ep centres on three moron college kids who get mixed up in werewolf goings on on campus. Why the footage got edited together in such dramatic fashion is not really explained. The jerk Michael hooks up with the cool girl Kate whilst loser Brian glowers. Michael is bitten by a werewolf, there is sexism, idiocy, an evil professor and this was boring. Sam and Dean hunt, Brian is a jealous nutter, there is bad acting and illogic, people fail to hear all the screaming and smashing, there are deaths and an opening ending. No more! No more!

Best Lines:
“No clue who is painted on the walls.”

“You can’t keep this to yourself.”

“Take your beating like a man!”

“Who would miss him?”

“I’m sick of being Piggy.”
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