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The White Queen 1x04 Reviewed

It is 1470 and Warwick is in exile in France. Warwick plots to marry Anne to Prince Edward the son of Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou. Then he will restore Henry VI, Prince Edward will reign after him and George will just have to go along with that. George smacks Warwick and then goes along with it. Back in England, Edward IV takes little Henry Tudor’s lands and gives him into the care of a loyalist to the throne. Edward IV really is storing up bad karma.

Warwick is given an impossible task: to take London by himself and then Margaret of Anjou will follow with her army. To the amazement of everyone, Warwick succeeds. Elizabeth and Edward IV have to hide like the usurpers they are.

Jacquetta is accused of witchcraft by Warwick, Anne is married to Margaret of Anjou’s foul son and little Henry Tudor finally listens to his demented mother. Henry VI is restored as King; he still hasn’t spoken a word. Elizabeth gives birth to a son (the ill fated Edward V) and Henry VI and Henry Tudor share a moment. This was good but Anne’s wedding night was quease inducing.

Best Lines:
“You’re telling me that everything I’ve done; turned against my brother, my own house. Everything I’ve suffered has been to restore the very lunatic we started all this to topple?”

“For once, do something!”

“This epiphany is certainly conveniently timed.”

“Why is she sitting on my throne?”

“Fortune’s wheel will never stop turning.”

“I don’t know what to do. Nobody told me.”
“You don’t do anything, you just lie there.”
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