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Angel & Faith #23 + The Green Hornet #3 Reviewed

What You Want, Not What You Need part three
Pearl, Nash and Whistler carry out their evil plan. Nadira, Angel and Faith try to stop them. Whistler and his evil speeches bore. There is death and Giles’ aunts continue to be useless. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I’ve got albino Bowie.”

“One does not ‘miss’ an apocalypse, Aunt Sophie. One either prevents it or dies in it.”

The Green Hornet #3
The Green Hornet gets out of a jam, Kato does not approve of the methods involved. Britt Reid is heading into ‘Citizen Kane’ territory as he is urged to run for Mayor. The Voice lurks. Britt does something that has consequences for himself and others. This was good, I’m enjoying it.

Best Lines:
“Why would I do that?”
“Because all this city’s cops are on the take, Dugan...which is okay......because I’m on the give.”

“You snake!”

“I hate it when you back-seat drive.”
“I hate it when you drive.”

“Maniacs. You could grow cold waiting for them to get to the point.”

“You’re supposed to be the adversary of entitled millionaires like them.”

“Are you casting aspirations on my newspaper?”
“No idiot! On you!”
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