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Kiss Of Death + The Day After part 2 + The Americans 1x08&1x09 + True Blood 5x08 Reviewed

Kiss of Death (2008)
This BBC1 one-off drama was a ratings disaster but I recall it semi fondly. Police woman Kay (Louise Lombard of ‘CSI’) returns to work after the mysterious death of her baby. What better way to recover from being accused of murdering your own child than to investigate a kidnapper/killer?

The death of Kay’s child is still considered suspicious by her husband and her co-worker Dr George Austen (Lyndsey Marshal). Dr Austen is an angry alcho who thinks Kay did murder her child. Kay’s other co-worker Matt Costello (Danny Dyer aka the professional geezer) is loyal to her and a newbie (Lenora Crichlow of ‘Being Human’) is dead meat walking.

The killer is loose, Austen is being stalked, people die, everyone has secrets and this was okay. Sadly due to the appalling ratings, there was never any more. It had potential.

The Day After (1983), part 2
People are in the cinema, in operating theatres and getting married as WW3 erupts. An EMP and mushroom clouds erupt. There is destruction, fire and you can see people’s skeletons as they die. The stock footage is bad and the SFX is bad. Even the poor farm horse dies.

There goes the neighbourhood. A farm girl moans (badly) about her dog being left outside. There are ruined buildings and one moron asks why there is no electricity. Maybe because 300 plus missiles just hit your country you old fool. This was boring, I feel like watching Ken Wahl’s 1986 film ‘The Gladiator’ instead.

Best Lines:
“Over 300 missiles inbound.”

“What’s radiation?”

Mutually Assured Destruction
I missed 1x07. The Jennings have to stop an assassin who is targeting the Ballistic Missile Shield scientists. Claudia mutters about The Secret War and dimes Philip out for boffing an ex. Elizabeth gets in a hypocritical fury.

Elizabeth and Philip don bad wigs to do more terrible things for the motherland. A little girl with a shotgun menaces Elizabeth. Philip mentions getting a sitter to watch their neglected children. Agent Gaad (Richard Thomas) bores.

Philip and the stupid Martha have sex a lot and his wig never comes off. Stan and Nina hook up. Philip wears a white polo neck. There is a hotel gunfight. Philip and Elizabeth’s domestic issues bore. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“We have to stop an assassin.”

“They feel safe here.”
“Not for much longer.”

“If you start to think of your marriage as real it doesn’t work.”

“Can we just nuke the Russians?”

“They come back and make sure I don’t talk again.”

Safe House
Paige and Henry learn their parents are separating. Paige correctly assigns all the blame to Elizabeth. Agent Gaad plans to strike at the KGB. Stan’s partner Amador who is also Martha’s ex corners Philip and pulls a switchblade. Philip stabs him and this leads to all sorts of trouble. Stan thinks the KGB have Amador and menaces Nina, he abducts one of Nina’s co-workers and makes a long idiotic speech to him before shooting him. Stan is a jackass. If not for various botched commutations and Amador being a crazy jealous guy, none of this would have happened. Philip wears a sweater vest and looks like someone from the mean streets of Connecticut. This was ridiculous.

Best Lines:
“You always fight a lot.”
“Too much.”
“Then stop.”

“Sounds depressing.”

“I’m his secretary, not his potted plant.”

Somebody That I Used To Know
Bill and Nora kill people while blathering about Lilith, I’m bored. Hoyt’s hate group offer him up Jessica to kill. Hoyt decides not to kill her and still she does not apologise for her horrible horrible treatment of him.

Jason and the thankless awful Sookie hang out with fairies. Sam turns into a snake. Einstein was a Halfling like Sookie apparently. Luna has boring stuff to do. Tara runs into an old enemy from her school days and Pam turns the woman into a blood whore for Tara. And Tara is down with that, oh dear.

The werewolves growl and bore. Nora will just not go away. This show has way too many werewolves, way too much Nora and selfish Sookie and far too much of Patrick and Terry and their personal deficiencies.

A séance goes awry, don’t they always? Hoyt’s in peril, nobody cares. Sookie’s in peril, oh just die bitch. Russell finds himself a new boytoy and Bill is suddenly a religious maniac murderer. This was awful.

Best Lines:
“I hate this goddam town.”

“He’s off his meds, ciao bitches.”
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