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Fringe 1x12 Review

The No Brainer

Has this show been subjected to network meddling? Since it came back, there has been no mentions of the Pattern or Nina Sharp knowing Olivia has John Scott's memories. Also where have the sub-plots about John Scott's body and Peter's old buddies gone? Instead we get the Internal Affairs stupidity plot dragging on, Olivia's moppet niece in peril and a really unsubtle subplot about Walter.

In this ep, Olivia and co hunt down a man who has devised a computer download that turns viewers brains to liquid. Instead of selling this technology to the music industry, he instead uses it to kill people he dislikes thereby provoking Olivia to hunt him down.

This ep was endless lazy plotting and the sight of a hand coming out of the computer screen was ludicrous even by this show's standards.
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