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The White Queen 1x03 Reviewed

It is 1469 and Elizabeth is still whining. Edward is smug and will not compromise. It is hard to see why he ruined his long friendship with Warwick for the bitter vindictive Elizabeth. Lady Margaret blathers to the annoyance of her husband. Warwick and George’s rebellion fails, Elizabeth wants to kill them but Edward makes peace. For now.

Edward makes a throwaway reference to Henry Tudor becoming King one day, Warwick’s daughter Anne Neville is forced to be a Lady In Waiting to Elizabeth and Elizabeth does more magic. Warwick wears his pelt and glowers. Lady Margaret bares her horse teeth. Jasper Tudor is a twit. Isabel now married to Edward’s brother George is pregnant and miserable. She spends all her time crying and being a wet rag.

People die, Warwick rebels again and fails again and Edward is a horrible, stinking, rotten, puerile git. Thus proving everything Warwick and George said about his bad judgement was right. Elizabeth, Jacquetta and little Elizabeth do magic to create a storm that ends up killing Isabel’s baby. Elizabeth is negative, corrosive, cruel and full of capacity for hate. Meanwhile the only person with any real sense is the young and solemn Henry Tudor.

Warwick’s icy dignity begins to desert him as he and George are billy no mates. Isabel’s childbirth is nightmarish and this was okay. This drama has so far covered 120 pages of Philippa Gregory’s 2009 novel. But Edward IV was a blonde and why do the women rarely wear headdresses?

Best Lines:
“Advise me Warwick, not lock me up or take away my throne.”

“I am Your Grace to you cousin!”

“Is it a boy?”
“How would I know father?”

“You’ve been no King since you first dipped your wick in her.”

“I will be the third Queen. So what if father turns against us as he’s done both the others?”

“Stop bleating Isabel.”

“Please god let Edward lose. Let him die.”

“No-one will trust him again.”

“He chose to fight the King. This is the outcome.”

“We did not fail. We retreated.”

“I’ll have his head for that!”

“Edward is after us. Get on board!”
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