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True Blood 5x07 Reviewed

In The Beginning
This crap had ridiculous action, Sookie being rude and thankless, bad acting and Hoyt joining a hate group because nobody else cares if he lives or dies. The Authority bores, Nora blathers and there are bizarre plot twists. Selfish Sookie is an awful person and Tara’s mother shows up to disown her. Russell annoys and there are camp scenes of religious nut vampires tripping and murdering people. A nurse annoys, Terry bores, Jason shoots Jessica in the head and there is a gratuitous t&a vision of Lilith. This was awful; every character needs to die horribly especially Jessica and Sookie.

Best Lines:
“I feel more love; I feel more acceptance in this hate group than I ever felt at church or basketball or anywhere for that matter.”
“That’s what people don’t get. Hate groups is about more than hate.”

“Your son doesn’t have a grave cos y’all ate him.”
“Don’t get literal on me rambo.”
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