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The White Queen 1x02 Reviewed

Warwick is serpentine and dead eyed as the Woodville clan dominate the Royal Court. Elizabeth is crowned Queen Consort, her ermine looks like an old loo mat. Warwick’s ambitious daughters Isabel and Anne want to marry Edward’s brothers George and Richard.

Warwick is squeezed out of the inner circle thanks to the Woodvilles and regrets making Edward the King. He has no time for Elizabeth especially when she keeps giving birth to daughters with no son in sight. Edward IV is thankless to Warwick even when he captures the deposed Henry VI.

Adding to Edward’s idiocy, he continually torments the Tudor clan by taking their titles and lands. Lady Margaret Beaufort’s young son Henry Tudor is being raised by his uncle Jasper Tudor. Margaret loves Jasper but her vile mother married her to a man she does not care for. But he seems to care about her. Margaret is obsessed with her son and believes God will make him King. She’s right but nobody else knows that yet.

This was camp melodrama as Warwick wears a pelt and glowers, years pass between scenes and Edward (Max Irons, son of Jeremy) and Elizabeth manage to alienate Warwick to such an extent that he turns on Edward to make George the new King. Edward’s in trouble and two of the Woodville clan get their heads chopped off. Elizabeth tantrums and starts casting curses ignoring the role she played alienating Warwick. This was not good and judging by the promo for 1x03 more badness is coming.

Best Lines:
“We like her better than the old bad Queen don’t we?”

“Is it not enough that I am not allowed to raise my child myself?”

“Go in God cousin.”

“She’s another bad Queen, just like the last one.”

“He’s King making again.”

“Has he hurt you?”
“Yes. But no more than mother said I should expect.”

“If George has a son, we are lost.”

“When you are crowned King, my mother will kneel to me.”
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