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Movie Reviews: World War Z + 12:01pm

World War Z (2013)
The troubled film based on Max Brooks 2006 bestseller is finally here. Gerry (Brad Pitt), his idiot wife and two ineffable kids are driving through Philadelphia when a zombie horde attacks. Human civilization falls apart in minutes as the zombies overrun the cities.

Gerry is told to help find the source of the outbreak and help locate a cure. His quest takes him to South Korea, Israel and Wales. This is okay but bears scant resemblance to the book. However it has some memorable moments amid the global panic hokum.

The overrunning of Philadelphia is unnerving as is the outbreak on a plane. The briefly glimpsed battle of Moscow looks good and two really creepy moments are the zombies forming a human pillar to overrun Jerusalem and the mass zombie grave. As well as the big zombie set pieces there are small moments that get you: the cop looting baby food, Gerry taping a kitchen knife to a rifle and later administering first aid to bitten IDF solider Sergen, the glimpse of an unexplained mushroom cloud, a character who seemed to be a big deal suddenly dying and the causal reveal of what the North Koreans did to try to avoid infection.

The product placement of Pepsi during a dramatic moment is bizarre as is Matthew Fox appearing for about five minutes as an unnamed solider. If you enjoyed the book, give it a try. Maybe we’ll get a sequel.

12:01pm (1990)
This short film stars Kurtwood Smith a hysterical man caught in a time loop for eternity. This is creepy and bleak with an utterly miserable ending.
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