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The Americans 1x06 + True Blood 5x06 + Once Upon A Time 2x06 Reviewed

Trust Me
Phillip is grabbed off the street and interrogated. Elizabeth is snatched from their house and shown a vast array of photos of their children. Paige and Henry hitchhike home and are menaced by a sex offender.

The sex offender is dealt with, Elizabeth beats someone up and the question of what would happen to Paige and Henry if the duo were caught is raised. Phillip has more trust issues with his fake wife. Stan and Nina frame someone. This was not good, I’m tired of Elizabeth and Phillip’s boring issues.

Best Lines:
“Seems to be out at night quite a bit.”

“You’re lucky you ran into me, not some lunatic.”

“Your face is a present from me to them. Show them your face! Show it to them!”

Russell rants, the Authority do crap and Eric messes with Alcide’s feelings for Sookie. Emma, Luna, Sam and Emma’s grandmother do boring crap. Jessica does not seem to care she has sent Hoyt down a slippery slope. Jason blathers. Terry bores. The werewolves bore. There is bad acting. WTF is the point of season 5? Sam kills someone. Hoyt self destructs some more. Nora blathers about Lilith. There is screaming and yelling and Roman exits. This was crap.

Best Lines:
“Did you just recoil from me?”

“You need to get away from me before I hurt you.”

“Praise Lilith.”

Emma and Hook climb a beanstalk. There is exposition dumping. Flashbacks to 11 years ago show Emma’s ill-fated romance with Neal the father of Henry. Emma dressed like an anime character whilst Neal looked like a junkie.

Hook is a creepy, a giant (Jorge Garcia of ‘Lost’ and ‘Alcatraz’) shows up, Aurora bores and Jack the giant slayer is long dead. Hook pervs, August shows up, there is bad acting, bad cgi, unnecessary hysteria and sap and Henry yells. Dreams are meaningful but I don’t care. This was an utterly terrible episode.

Best Line:
“I’m not having drinks with you, you might be a pervert.”
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