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Book Reviews: A Cold Season + I.O.U + Drakon

A Cold Season by Alison Littlewood
Cass is rebuilding her life after the loss of her solider husband. She and her son, Ben, move to the village of Darnshaw for a fresh start. It all goes horribly wrong as the locals have secrets and Ben turns into a thug. Cass responds by ignoring all of Ben’s violent behaviour, being rude and thankless to the two people who do befriend her and being an utter moron. This book began with promise but ends in crap as Cass is stupid down to the bone and is a bad mother and a terrible person.

Best Line:
“I prefer free will, Cass, but I don’t need it.”

I.O.U by Nicholas Adams
This 1991 YA horror novel is a big pile of crap. Sharon has bad dreams and acts like a five year old. New boy Travis asks her out, her parents have secrets and this was ridiculous.

Best Lines:
“Now you think that Levine’s some kind of slasher maniac?”

“Play hard to get. I love a girl who’s not easy.”

“You rotten punk,”

Drakon by S.M. Stirling
This is offshoot/sequel to the alternate history ‘Draka’ series (‘Marching Through Georgia’, ‘Under The Yoke’ and ‘The Stone Dogs’) was published in 1996. I read it first and later bought the ‘The Domination’ which is the collection of the ‘Draka’ trilogy with post ‘Drakon’ interludes scattered through it. This series is a chilling look at an alternate history dominated by a slave owning nation determined to conquer and rule.

It is 2442, the 442nd year of the Final Society. The Draka rule Earth and have bioengineered themselves into Homo Drakensis, the master race of their savage dreams. Gwen Ingolfsson is one of them. Homo Drakensis is served by the bioengineered slave race Homo Servus. Homo Sapiens may be extinct on Earth but in distant Alpha Centauri, the Samothrace colony is home to the descendants of those who fled Earth before the Draka began the Final War.

A science experiment sends Gwen to another Earth where it is 1995 and the Draka never arose. Gwen gathers her forces and plans to bring her people to this new Earth. A Samothracian named LaFarge is sent after her. Gwen’s murderous trail in 1995 NY is noticed by cop Henry Carmaggio. He and his gang try to figure how to stop the savage monster loose in their world. The Draka have an endless lust for hunting and conquest which not even winning the Final War could satiate. Can she be stopped?

This isn’t as good as ‘The Domination’ but it is good even if LaFarge bores and is a hypocrite about how fascist the Samothrace society is. There is also causal sexism and racism. The Draka are as scary as ever, there are celebrity expys and a sequel hook. Sadly Stirling has written no more Draka novels.

Best Lines:
“Something escaped from a lab?”
“You’ve been watching too many bad movies.”

“She carried this very weapon on the last human-hunts here in North America; she was old enough to remember that, the bio bombs and the kill-sweeps.”

“The Final War might well turn out to be less final then they’d thought.”

“A dance taught her long ago, when she was first trained for war. The Human-Killing Dance.”

“A sleeping world and something terrible loose in it.”

“The Ingolfsson plantation was a village called Radda, and had never known her family’s footsteps.”

“I’m a predator, after all, and you’re the species I was designed to hunt.”

“We drakensis are immortal. We’re good at waiting.”

“We’ll conquer you, then domesticate you.”

“Only in another universe have I ever walked the same planet with one.”

“They were human. They didn’t want to be, that was the problem.”

“We anticipated thousands of millennia to bring the galaxy under the Domination of the Race.”
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